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A carbon sink is anything that absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere than it releases – for example, plants, the ocean and soil. In contrast, a carbon source is anything that releases more carbon into the atmosphere than it absorbs – for example, the burning of fossil fuels or volcanic eruptions.

“Just a short note” video is the first instalment in our series of shorts inspired by a climate change.
This publication is coinciding with the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.


Forests are currently a net carbon sink because they take in more carbon dioxide than they emit.
The capacity of European forests to absorb CO2 has been shrinking over the years by further increases in harvesting and negative impacts from natural hazards such as fires and pests. We work with forest owners around the world to restore and keep forest healthy and we also help them to gain more visibility by connecting them with companies and individuals who want to buy the carbon they capture to compensate their carbon footprint in the greenest possible way.
We secure the transparency and the reliability of this process, combining our expertise about forest with cutting edge blockchain technologies.


Our core business is the forest.
We are passionate about nature and our day passes between pine trees, spruces and birch.
We are also forest owner and we build carbon sinks - targeted to maximum growth. We are highly experienced in the forest industry, including software and machinery. We are scanning existing forests and we are capable to provide exact data to land owner of the growth and volume, tree by tree in order to calculate carbon captured.


We use cutting edge forest technology that allows us to have very detailed and reliable data about the forest.

We create healthy forests with the highest target sink rates.

We collect data and certify it by using blockchain, adding transparency and reliability to the traceability process. 

Through our unique platform, forest owners can connect with companies and individuals who are interested in generating forests or purchasing CO2 captured.
All the data about the specific trees is certified with blockchain and different data like GPS location of the trees, CO2 captured, date of planting, etc.


We use GPS locator in both planting process and also in scanning process for existing trees.
Tolerance for this locator is +/- 2 cm.
Every time planting cycle is requested for every single tree, GPS location as well as time stamp is recorded automatically.
This base data is the must for the growth measurement when calculating yearly growth.
Before planting, soil sample has been taken in order to know if there is any nutrient deficiencies in the soil. We are always checking the origin of the seeds to secure seedlings to survive in different planting areas. This is very important especially in the northern countries.
In case certain fertilizing is needed, we can do it at the same time during planting process. This is very common example in the South -Savo region in Finland, where boron is missing quite often. Fertilizing is important to avoid growth disturbances.
Our machinery has irrigation system to be sure the tree seedlings has enough water for penetration process. Water is added automatically as well as penetration fertilizer before the sealing to the soil.


Blockchain is, in a nutshell, an encrypted, distributed database.
Every transaction is recorded in a totally unalterable way. The blockchain nodes are in charge of validating and recording transactions by strict consensus, so that a majority can discard any manipulation attempt. Currently, it is being used in sectors such as banking, insurance, health or the aerospace industry, among others. Mayor advantages offered by blockchain technology are: verified transactions, transparency and timestamp of events.


Finland · Spain · Canada


Z-Forest Oy

Z-Forest Oy is a company located in Mikkeli (Finland), but operates around Europe and offers tailor made forest services to meet customer needs. The company was founded by young forest owners that have come together targeting to develop carbon sinks by planting trees especially to the places where the forest does not exist, using its own machinery – effective thinning and modern forestry while minimizing environmental impact. With its modern equipment for planting, Z-Forest can do mounding, fertilizing, planting at the same time and we get time stamp + very precise location information of each tree. Z-Forest and his young team, with its very wide level of knowledge about forest management, are doing real things to protect our planet.



Zertifier is a company based in Cornellá de Terri (Girona/Spain) with team members also in Canada, with a long experience implementing blockchain based business solutions in different countries around the world. Zertifier combines the power of IOT, blockchain and smart contracts and provides complete, immutable and automated solutions, including product traceability, anticounterfeit, documents certification, secure data transfer, NFT´s and tokenization, bridging physical and digital worlds.



Risutec is our technological partner and advisor.
They are experts in new forest creation with the highest survival rates and transparency.
Their mechanical way of planting is a highly innovative, effective, and fast way of achieving new, well-growing forest. With the use of GPS technology with a tree location accuracy of up to 2cm, you can be sure where your trees exactly are, providing the ultimate transparency required for carbon sinks.



We are real people doing real things to fight against climate change.
If you want to join us, planting trees or improving your CO2 capture efficiency, and make some real impact, contact us...

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